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If you have read other pages on this site, you know how much I love RegexBuddy. Whether I'm crafting a regex for Apache, php, python, Indesign or any of the other twenty contexts in which I use regular expressions, my first move is to fire up RegexBuddy and to develop and test in the Test tab.

In my mind, RegexBuddy is worth every cent of its $39 price tag. But that's only my opinion, and if you're like me, you like to test-drive your software before you buy.

So here it is:

For you ADD people who keep asking "where's the trial?", the link is the next two lines ==> <== click the link

It's not just a demo, but a fully-functional version.
This is the software that understands regex syntax in a myriad of flavors—such as Java, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby and many more—and that can even translate between them.

So give it a spin, and if you like it, please support Jan by buying his software. We need him to keep working on this brilliant program. :)

Here are links to all of Jan's programs—and their free trials:

RegexBuddy: the most powerful regex tool on Earth. A free RegexBuddy trial is available.
EditPad Pro: the most regex-aware text editor. A free EditPad Pro trial is available.
PowerGREP: perhaps the most powerful text search and manipulation tool. A free PowerGREP trial is available.
RegexMagic: build regex without knowing regex. A free RegexMagic trial is available.
AceText: your text needs from a central location. A free AceText trial is available.
HelpScribble: create documentation files and website. A free HelpScribble trial is available.
DeployMaster: no-nonsense installation builder. A free DeployMaster trial is available.

After you've tried RegexBuddy, I'd love to hear your thoughts, and that's what the comment form at the bottom is for.



 RegexBuddy 4: The Review

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August 24, 2019 - 19:45
Subject: RE: RegexBuddy - Apache alias and aliasmatch

Hi Patrick, Absolutely. Apache uses PCRE, not sure what version, that will depend on your Apache version, but it will probably be PCRE 8 point something, and the exact version won't make a difference to you. Just select PCRE 8.3x in RegexBuddy. Wishing you a fun weekend, Rex

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